Artist’s Statement 2016


My current body of work positions two compelling and mirrored forms of visual representations with the nature of physical reality and purely cognitive constructs. This has come about through the continuation of exploration through my studio practice of three dimensional forms using diverse materials now accompanied by meticulous visual studies of nature in oil paint.  This dichotomy frames a conversation of the limits of a notion of reality with no intended outcome other that the value of reflection and its power to enrich internal awareness. Three dimensionally, reality is represented and alluded to in the physicality of the materials with the content being abstractions from nature fused with imagination. Two dimensionally, the content is a known reality derived from a faithful representation of nature expressed through a classical tradition of the visual construction of illusion. This contrast provides both a framework for the exploration of the hidden qualities in nature and experience as well as the visual exercise necessary for reflection on an endless combination of new possibilities.